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چهارمین کنگره راهبردی نفت و نیرو

The 4th Iranian Petroleum and Energy Club Congress & Exhibition

Policy Council

  •       Roknoddin Javadi (Head Policy Making Council of Congress and Deputy Oil Minister for Supervision on Hydrocarbon Resources)

    ·   Marzieh Shah-Daei (Deputy Petroleum Minister)

    ·   Sattar Mahmoudi (Deputy Energy Minister)

    ·   Mahmoud Nili Ahmadabadi (President of the University of Tehran)

        Mansour Moazzami (Deputy Industry, Mine & Trade Minister and Chairman of the board of Directors of the Industrial Development and Renovation Organization)

    ·   Hamid Reza Araghi (Deputy Petroleum Minister and Managing Director of National Iranian Gas Company)

    ·   Homayoun Haeri (Deputy Energy & electricity Minister)

    ·   Seyed Reza Norouzzade (Deputy Petroleum Minister and Managing Director of National Petrochemical Company)

    ·   Alireza Sadeghabadi (Deputy Petroleum Minister and President of National Iranian Oil Refining and Distribution Company)

    ·   Amir Hossein Zamani Nia (Deputy Petroleum Minister for Commerce and International Affairs)

          Habibollah Bitaraf (Deputy Petroleum Minister of engineering, research and technology Petroleum minister and Petroleum and Energy Club’s Supreme Council)

    ·   Seyed MehdiMir Moezi (Chairman of the Board of Iranian Petroleum and Energy Club Congress)

    ·   Gholamreza Manouchehri (Deputy of Engineering and Development of National Iranian Oil)

    ·   Hossein Kazempour Ardabily (Iran’s OPEC Governor)

    ·   Abbas Ali Abadi (CEO of MAPNA Group)

    ·   Mohamad H. Panje Shahi (Chairman of Petroleum Engineering Institute of Tehran University)

    ·   Reza Khayamian (Chairman of Society the Iranian Petroleum Industry Equipment Manufacturers)

    ·   Behzad Hazrati (Chairman of the Board of Association Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Engineering and construction companies)

    ·   AbdolReza Parvin (Chairman of Iran Industrial Equipment Manufacturers Association)

    ·   Behrouz Gatmiri (President of the Iranian Society of Consulting Engineers)


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