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چهارمین کنگره راهبردی نفت و نیرو

The 4th Iranian Petroleum and Energy Club Congress & Exhibition

Program of IPEC 2016


    ·      The Minister’s Presentation of the Islamic Republic


    Given the importance of this Congress ministry of petroleum, energy and mining industry and trade as key note speakers of strategic congress will be presented at the opening and closing ceremonies.             



    ·      Speech by Keynote speakers from the Technology Centers and Companies


    According to the main areas of Congress in connection with changes in the business impact energy, the important people of high technology companies in the world, first level international association’s technology leaders in the field of Congress will participate as keynote speakers.



    ·      Provide Superior Technical Articles


    To access a summary of the situation in the country on the proprietary manufacturing technology Congress intended. However, it has been set due to the professional and strategic approach and attention to huge problems and not entering into a discussion of technical details, technical and scientific, specific conditions for receiving and reviewing the papers.



    ·      Expert Round Tables

    This approach Congress check with a professional approach and functionality but is a framework document, for this purpose, specialized round tables are designed for topics and sub-topics, the presence of internal and external experts to review all aspects of their subjects of Congress.


    ·      Workshops

    The workshops are designed for the issues that need to devote more time to browse deeper knowledge in particular need to learn from instructors specializing in functional constituency. Based on technology topics that are priority needs of the country,the presence of top international projection is followed.


    ·      Visit the Exhibition


    Besides Congress and all the apps mentioned above,exhibition will be held at a 4,000 square meters area with the participation of well-known domestic and foreign companies and large global convention.


    ·      Technical Visits


    One of the special events in this Congress to visit Iran’s huge oil and gas fields and the introduction of capabilities and technical characteristics of these fields are as follows:


    - Visiting great designs of Petroleum and Energy industry

    - Visiting Pars Special Economic Energy and refineries and plans to develop South Pars gas field

    - Visiting Iranian petrochemical complexes

    - Visiting important domestic factories

    - Visiting MAPNA industrial group plans

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