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چهارمین کنگره راهبردی نفت و نیرو

The 4th Iranian Petroleum and Energy Club Congress & Exhibition

Topics 2017

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    Topic 1: Oil and gas production using EOR/IOR method



    ·       To Provide the best experiences to use methods to improve production and recycling of oil and gas around the world

    ·       A managerial overview of EOR/IOR methods

    ·       Amount of oil and gas production using Primary, secondary and tertiary methods in the world and different regions

    ·       Future trends in the use of EOR/IOR methods in the world and different regions


    Topic 2: E&P business requirements


    Objective: To describe the steps required to establish and develop E&P business (activities, requirements and organizations).


    ·       Business strategy

    ·       competitive advantages

    ·       Organization and structure

    ·       Human resources (Skills and Experiences)

    ·       Outsourcing strategies

    ·       required Assets

    ·        Required Competencies


    Topic 3: Reviewing the history of growth and development of E&P companies in different scales


    Objective: To analyze and discuss the history of E&P companies growth and development around the world.

    Case studies:

    ·       Expectation of  each contract

    ·       Different roles played in the various contracts (operator, partner,…)

    ·       Technology transfer and organizational learning in the life cycle in various type of contracts and partnership methods

    Comparative studies

    ·       Impact of technology transfer in the growth and development of  E&P companies

    ·       Impact of governments Support on E&P companies growth 

    ·       Impact of international experience and formation of different partnerships on establishing E&P companies


    Topic 4: Feasibility and economic of EOR/IOR plan

    Case studies:

    ·         Successful & failed experiences (Companies experience)

    ·        Production costs





    ·       Efficiency enhancement strategies in power production, transmission,  grid, investment incentives, opportunities, and threats.

    ·       Power pricing and smart grid system difficulties.



    Financial and investment


    ·       New methods of foreign finance for the energy sector in the post-JCPOA period




    ·    Business models, experiences and successful patterns of petrochemical downstream industries development

    ·    Technology transferring and localization

    ·    Development of the petrochemical industry in terms of regional competition and the evolution of target markets



    ·       Iran’s great evolution of Oil production with a focus on EOR/IOR

    ·       Development and partnership models in E&P companies and upcoming evolutions

    ·        Energy diplomacy of Iran and the energy market and its key player’s status in the region and in the globe

    ·        Regulatory organizations in the energy sector, global experiences, and national strategies

    ·       The role and place of operation and maintenance (O&M) contracts and Qualified Companies in the oil and gas industry of the world and the development of these companies role in Iran

    ·       Business models, the successful petrochemical downstream industries experiences and development patterns

    ·   Investigating the future of the market for petroleum products and the future role of Iran and the private sector in its supply and trade (production, supplies, export, swap and bunkering)

    ·     Global evolutions and experiences in using renewable energies, NOC & IOC presence  and development solutions in Iran

    ·       solutions of intensive Public-Private Partnership (PPP) use in the energy sector

    ·       Small businesses potentials in the energy sector development

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