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چهارمین کنگره راهبردی نفت و نیرو

The 4th Iranian Petroleum and Energy Club Congress & Exhibition


  • Downstream

        the outlook of Production, Consumption and Trade of Petroleum Products
        New and Effective Technologies for Improvement the Economics of Refineries
        The outlook of the Petrochemical Industry Developments
        The Role of Holding Companies in the Petrochemical Industry
        Future of Gas Industry: Allocation of Surplus Production, Reduction of Energy Intensity and Supply Security
        Gas Trading


        Reformation of the Structure and Decision-Making Process at National Iranian Oil Co.
        Changing Business Environment, Requirements of Development in the Upstream of Petroleum Industry and new Role of the Private Sector
        The financial relationship between the Government and National Iranian Oil Company


        The Effect of Petroleum Industry Development on Iran’s Economic Growth
        Future scenarios for the energy outlook
        Strategies for Improving the Governance and Regulatory System
        Project Management Challenges
        Capacities and Mechanism of Export of Technical-Engineering Services
        Challenges and Financial sourcing solutions


        The Impact of Digitization on Electricity Industry
        The relationship between Economy and Electricity Market
        Electricity Export Vs Gas Export

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