Call for The 1st Superior Ideas’ Festival in Petroleum & Energy Sectors 

Iranian Petroleum & Energy Club will hold The 1st Iranian Superior Ideas' Festival in petroleum and energy sectors simultaneously with The 3rd Iranian Petroleum & Energy Congress (IPEC 2017), in order to identify and attract creative ideas of experts and active researchers.
The Festival's goals are, a greater exploitation of these fields experts and elites' consultation and partnership in order to achieve new ideas and solutions to eliminate the existing difficulties and problems and also resources efficiency management in Iran's energy resources. Besides the other festival's goal are to identify the talents and innovative ideas and to encourage creativity and innovation.
The ideas' forwarding and registration is through the IPEC website: and a citation and 500 USD will be dedicated to each three nominated ideas in the IPEC Closing Ceremony which is honored by the attendance of the Iranian highly ranked officials.

The Ideas ‘forwarding terms and conditions:
Ideas, proposals and solutions should meet the following requirements:
1. Related to IPEC 2017 topic or topics. And at the beginning of your text mention the exact number of the topic or topics you are discussing about.
2. In first step, forward a summary of your idea written in 500 words.
3. In forwarded texts besides a brief mention of your idea's context or solution, focus more on your main idea. Please avoid excessive problem description or introduction.
4. In the second step, those whom summary ideas are accepted in the judgment, should write a detailed description of their ideas in 2000 words and sent to the IPEC Secretariat for final judgment.
5. Operative ideas or solutions will attend in the festival.
6. In each technical field the judgment is made by a group of Iranian superb elites.

How to forward:
As for the terms and conditions mentioned you can send your ideas, proposals and solutions to the IPEC email: 

Obviously, the file which is sent out of the terms and conditions mentioned will not be studied or judged.


Summary ideas’ forwarding deadline is:  2017/09/06

Summary Ideas’ judgement result announcement is: 2017/09/21

Detailed Ideas’ forwarding deadline is: 2017/10/11


IPEC Secretariat address: P.O Box: 14395-633 Tell: 88982460-1 Fax: 88971887