Introducing Organizer 

  Iranian Petroleum and Energy Club aims to promote efficiency as public and non-governmental organization that is composed of senior executives, experts and researchers which is in field of strategic management, energy economics, technology and commerce.
This association follows national index experience of oil & energy fields with efficiency structure in order to use the optimal capacity and making good relationship between executives and facilitate knowledge transfer to hundreds executives and entrepreneurs.
Also this organization follows workshops, specialized associations and strategic congress in order to give consultation to non-governmental and governmental sector


Iranian Petroleum and Energy Club at international oil, gas, refining & petrochemical exhibition


Member of Supreme Council Club

Mr. Reza afshin

Mr. Habib Aminfar

Mr. Mohammad Iravani

Mr. Habibollah Bitaraf

Mr. Fereydoun Saghafian

Mr. Amin Haj Rasouliha

Mr. Hamidreza Araghi

Mr. Ardeshir Fathinejad

Mr. Mohammad Mallaki

Mr. Seyed Mahdi Mirmoezi

Mr. Nosrat Rahimi